Just the right amount of tits and doughnuts

this is me ME

Shit i like:
bdsm (im submissive).
blow jobs
bisexual/gay/sex positive

you can also find me here:

its whatever. sex, nudity, lust, beauty, i claim nothing here as mine, except the few things that are actually me and or my photos.

i will reblog so called porn and things that are offensive to some, ask me if i give a fuck.
the anon feature is enabled, so yeah you can get your perv on. just remember all asks are answered in public, they will be posted, even non-anons.

if youd like to talk to me via a reliable manner and like myself find the ask box lacking, feel free to use my email

everyone’s all apocalypse shmapocalypse.  i just want me lucky charms.
  1. wahlee:

    everyone’s all apocalypse shmapocalypse.  i just want me lucky charms.

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